Broadband and the Farm

by Keith Montgomery, Rural Telecom Congress Vice President & CFO of Declaration Networks Group.

Broadband technology is an essential tool to those who are linked to the land – modern farmers and ranchers, landowners, builders, and loggers that feed and supply the nation. Their efforts and success drive a significant component of the USA and world economy. The attached article from The GRIT website highlights how farmers do their monitoring interactively. This is just one example of how the farmland is improved by technology and wireless broadband. Learn more about these fascinating stories from the RTC website and send us examples of how broadband is used in the rural America.

“Country Internet Access – Tools” – GRIT Magazine –

This important topic will be explored at the 2015 Broadband Summit this April in Austin, Texas.

RTC will sponsor a Broadband and the Farm panel session on Tuesday, April 15, that will provide a commercial perspective of how broadband is needed on the farm, a state perspective on its importance to the farming and state economy, and discussion on how fiber and wireless networks are essential infrastructure to rural America. The RTC panel will have Mark Lewellen – Manager Spectrum Advocacy, John Deere & Company, Dan Hunter – Assistant Commissioner for Water and Rural Affairs, Texas Dept. of Agriculture, and an Iowa State Broadband Representative and will be moderated by Keith Montgomery, RTC Vice President & CFO Declaration Networks Group Inc.