Broadband Data Consumption Is Increasing

VIENNA, VA – November 18, 2019 – The time where most consumers used the Internet mainly for surfing, email and social networks is being usurped by our insatiable appetite for streaming content.

U.S. households consumed an average of 271 gigabytes (GB) of data per month in the second quarter of this year, up from 202 GB for 2017, according to a recent report about U.S. household broadband data consumption from OpenVault, a provider of data consumption and analytics software. This 33% increase in the past 18 months is due to growing usage as households increase the number of devices and stream more services.

The average American subscriber now watches 3.4 streaming services and Netflix alone has over 150 million subscribers worldwide. This increased demand for data usage results in the need for Internet Service Providers to constantly be monitoring and expanding their network capabilities.

Warren Brasselle, Declaration Networks’s Vice President of Network Operations and Engineering says NeuBeam customers can rely on the NeuBeam network to provide the capacity and reliability for reliable streaming services. “The NeuBeam network is network capacity monitored 24×7 to forecast demand and respond to network events. In the past year, NeuBeam has tripled the size of our network backbone and interconnection infrastructure.” NeuBeam customers are using the network in different ways than they did in the past, and NeuBeam is committed to meeting those requirements.