Customer Profile: Betty Otto

NeuBeam customer Betty OttoVienna, VA, December 9, 2019 – Declaration Networks spotlights Garrett County NeuBeam customer Betty Otto.

Betty is a relatively new NeuBeam customer. Before signing up for NeuBeam, Betty used satellite service which did not work that well for her needs. She explains: “It cost several hundred to install and any kind of rain or fog would cause it to go out. I was unhappy from beginning to end.” She also was not pleased with the satellite installers who were, “very rude,” she says.

Betty decided to sign up for NeuBeam and she is extremely pleased with the service. She says the installers were nice and did a good job. “It makes a lot of difference,” she says.

Living in Swanton, MD, Betty has been an Avon Representative for over 20 years. Before signing up for NeuBeam service, Betty would often exceed her data cap and was, at times, pretty much unable to operate her business online. Now, she explains she is able to enter orders online and communicate with customers without having to worry about data usage. “It’s so much better for me and my customers. It has really improved my business,” says Betty.