DNG Awarded $1.3 Million to Build Out Network in Garrett County, MD

January 23, 2015, Vienna, Virginia – DNG has been awarded a contract to construct, deploy, operate and maintain a high-speed broadband network in Garrett County, Maryland.  Through this opportunity with the County, DNG offers an innovative strategy to create a sustainable broadband ecosystem that will not only address the digital divide for this rural community, but will also stimulate the local economy, and enhance the quality of life for all its citizens and visitors.

DNG and Garrett County’s pioneering approach to securing the required resources, partners and investments to establish high speed broadband access will provide an immediate positive impact to the unserved and underserved residents, and additionally establish an operational infrastructure that will benefit the entire County, support the local economy, and enrich the value and appeal of visiting and living in Garrett County.

Because of the dramatic impact access to broadband has, it has been described by many as the “oxygen” for today’s economy, and among the most critical infrastructure decisions driving the social, and economic well-being of every community.  While Garrett County enjoys a vibrant year-round tourism economy, a strong agricultural sector, and a growing business community, there are as many as 3,000 Garrett County homes and businesses that are not able to participate in the 21st Century digital economy due to lack of broadband infrastructure.

The market launch DNG envisions includes deploying a wireless broadband access network that will extend existing middle mile fiber networks in Garrett County to deliver broadband services to fixed locations in the targeted unserved areas.  Additionally, DNG’s plan will extend service to the rest of the County which will increase overall revenue opportunities and contribution to the financial plan. This approach will facilitate the creation of a viable and sustainable local broadband ecosystem to support the County’s vision.  The build out of this network is expected to begin later this year.

For more info, contact: Barry Toser – barry@declarationnetworks.com, 703-850-7172.