DNG Launches Internet Service on the Eastern Shore of Virginia

Declaration Networks Group (DNG) recently deployed its network on the Eastern Shore of Virginia and has turned up its first customers in the area.  Users are accessing DNG’s advanced broadband technology, bringing them Internet service under its NeuBeam™ product line at speeds ranging from between 5 Mbps to 30 Mbps.

The Eastern Shore of Virginia consists of two counties (Accomack and Northampton) on the Atlantic coast of Commonwealth of Virginia.  The 70 mile-long region is part of the Delmarva Peninsula and is separated from the rest of Virginia by the Chesapeake Bay.  Its population was 45,553 as of 2010.

Residents of the Eastern Shore have not been offered many competitive choices for Internet in the past, so the interest for NeuBeam is very high.  NeuBeam’s speeds are up to 10x faster than DSL and allow customers to stream movies, play games, shop online and work from home among other benefits.  In addition, there are no monthly data caps and all family members can use the service simultaneously without any delays.  DNG also has local sales and support resources in the community and the company will be offering voice and business service in the near future.

DNG has a significant backlog of orders and is actively installing these new customers in its initial service area.  DNG plans to expand its network on the Eastern Shore throughout 2015.

Initial customer experience feedback has been very strong as can be seen through the following testimonials:

  • “We have never had a connection like this.  The speed is blazing fast and we are now able to watch videos and stream movies, without and buffering or other difficulties.  Plus, we don’t have to worry about data caps any more.  NeuBeam is awesome!”  Ken Raines
  • “We love our new broadband!  Great service from beginning to end.  Thank you so much for bringing NeuBeam to our area!”  Carol Gaskins
  • “Our installation was done very quickly and professionally.  We are enjoying the service and have used FaceTime for the first time with our grandkids.  We had never been able to do that before.”  Rick Barnes

For more info, contact: Barry Toser – barry@declarationnetworks.com, 703-850-7172.