DNG Selected as RBE Provisional Winner

Declaration Networks Group was selected as one of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Wireline Competition Bureau’s list of 40 “provisional” winners in the Rural Broadband Experiment network subsidy auction. Collectively, the 40 funded projects could receive nearly $100 million in Connect America Fund subsidies to build broadband networks in over 26,000 unserved census blocks identified on the National Broadband Map.

The FCC received nearly 600 project bids to serve over 76,000 census blocks by a November 7, 2014 auction deadline. The FCC analyzed these bids based upon a cost effectiveness

analysis formula. The Rural Broadband Experiment project is notable because it is the first time the FCC has sought to award Connect America Fund subsidies for fixed broadband network upgrades from non-incumbent providers.

There has been a great deal of provider interest in the program – when first

announced earlier this year, the FCC received over 1000 “expressions of interest” in the program and the final bids collectively requested funding of over $880 million, well over the $100 million program budget. The FCC is seeking to fund a wide variety of network speeds and technologies in the project, including many fixed wireless projects.

The next step is a technical and operational review by the FCC of each of the winning projects. This review will include financial statements, technology descriptions, designs and network diagrams. Only after the completion of this review and submission of letter of credit and eligible telecommunications certifications will the FCC finalize the list of winning projects.

For more info, contact: Barry Toser – barry@declarationnetworks.com, 703-850-7172