NeuBeam Internet Continues Growth on Eastern Shore

Vienna, VA, January 2, 2018 – NeuBeam™, the fastest Internet provider in the most communities on the Eastern Shore, more than doubled its customer base in 2017.

The strong growth track is attributed to a combination of a high-speed offering, no data caps, and outstanding local sales and support. In a recent survey, 96% of NeuBeam customers rated the company as far superior or better than their previous satellite Internet or DSL service.

“High speed Internet with no data caps is a huge step forward for the Eastern Shore.  I am glad to see it,” said Dave Kelly, a NeuBeam customer in Machipongo.

When compared with satellite Internet services that have data cap restrictions, NeuBeam’s average customer uses 4x the amount of data of satellite premium plans at the same or higher speeds, with no latency, or delay issues. When matched up against DSL service, NeuBeam’s speeds are consistently 25x faster than DSL. Even when contrasted with unlimited cell phone offerings, NeuBeam comes out on top
as these cell phone users are “throttled” when reaching approximately 10-15% the data usage of the average NeuBeam customer.

NeuBeam Internet and phone service is now available in nearly 20 communities spanning over 40 miles in Northampton and Accomack Counties. Customers use a variety of packages that allow them to shop, stream, learn, work from home and socialize on services like Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter and others.

“2017 was an excellent year for NeuBeam and we expect 2018 to be even better,” said Barry Toser, NeuBeam’s EVP of Sales & Marketing. “Our service offerings are meeting and exceeding the needs of our users and many more prospective customers continue to reach out to us daily.”

For more information on NeuBeam, go to or call 757-745- 1440.