White Space Test Network Launched in Iowa

In conjunction with the Iowa Communications Network, Declaration Network Group (DNG) provided an initial installation of a base station and three Wi-Fi hot spots to determine how White Space technology is adapted within the local environment.  The site location for the test program is Monticello High School, located approximately 30 minutes away from Cedar Rapids.

DNG developed the operational plan and gathered data for assessment purposes, while assessing the network configuration, available infrastructure and services. In addition, DNG ordered the necessary equipment and determined the engineering and installation requirements.  The equipment was installed and a test period was established.

The test was considered a success as speeds of 9 Mgbs have been indicated.  The network is being monitored by DNG from a central Network Operations Center (NOC) and it provides Tier 2 services.

DNG’s partner in this effort is the Iowa Communications Network (ICN), is one of the country’s premier distance learning and state government networks, committed to providing Iowans with convenient, equal access to education, government and healthcare. The ICN makes it possible for Iowans, physically separated by location, to interact in an efficient, creative, and cost-effective manner. ICN provides high-speed Internet, data, video conferencing, and voice (phone) services to authorized users, under Code of Iowa, which includes: K-12 schools, higher education, hospitals, state and federal government, National Guard armories, and libraries.

For more info, contact: Barry Toser – barry@declarationnetworks.com, 703-850-7172.