Rural Broadband: Opportunities in the Digital Divide

April 30, 2015 – Bob Nichols, Declaration Networks CEO, is a panelist at “Rural Broadband: Opportunities in the Digital Divide”. The event was organized by The HUB, a leading networking organization. Barry Toser, DNG’s EVP of Sales & CMO, is the President and Co-founder of The HUB.

Having access to the Internet is crucial — and rural areas, which lack stable high speed broadband services, pay a significant price.

In this day and age, broadband is a necessity, not a luxury. Having affordable services is essential for healthy communities, especially for education, healthcare services, business & entrepreneurship, exposure to foreign markets, and more.

Broadband access makes us all more competitive, informed and engaged.

Join the discussion and investigate the opportunities in this fertile frontier! There are networks to install, technologies to be adapted, services to sell, laws to be changed, and investment funds needed.

Our panelists are:

Why should we care about rural? Our overall economy takes a hit in economics, education, and civic life, when people are left behind. Amazingly, less than half of rural adults have access to broadband at home, while two-thirds of metropolitan adults do. And the challenges are real.