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Super Wi-Fi, Incentive Auctions and the Emerging Unlicensed Economy

The airwaves that are open and unlicensed already generate more than $220 billion a year through Wi-Fi and other technologies for the U.S. economy. And unlicensed access to vacant TV Band spectrum – the TV White Spaces – has already spurred deployments to connect unserved rural households and at universities and libraries.

White Space broadband: 10 communities doing big projects

People outside of the world’s biggest cities need reliable internet, too. White Space broadband is a beacon of hope. WVU featured at #10… With the growth of the digital economy, more people need access to quality broadband internet. However, there is still an important deficit in access outside of major metro...

2013 Fall ACUTA Seminar

We are excited to present at the 2013 ACUTA Seminar in St. Louis, Missouri. The event will be held at the Renaissance Grande on October 6th through 9th. We will speak during track 2 "All Things Wireless".

Wireless broadband is an important part of bringing the economic, educational, and social benefits of broadband to all Americans.

— Sen. Jay Rockefeller

Super Wi-Fi and West Virginia University

West Virginia University (WVU) this week announced it had launched the nation’s first campus ‘Super Wi-Fi’ network. The network uses TV band white space frequencies to provide free public Wi-Fi access for students and faculty at Public Rapid Transit (PRT) platforms. The ‘Super Wi-Fi’ system is being used to deliver Internet directly...

Microsoft’s GM Explains TV White Spaces

Microsoft's General Manager Paul Mitchell explains the company's thoughts on the advantages of TV White Space. He discusses not only advantages but reasons behind their interest on moving forward toward expanding into White Space.

Innovative deployment of TV white spaces presents an exciting opportunity for underserved rural and low-income urban communities across the country.

— FCC Chairwoman Mignon Clyburn

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